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It’s been a year since I’ve updated this site. Life got crazy busy and some things had to give. The website was one of them But, I’m back. Life is still a little crazy (bought a townhouse, still trying to sell the big house {beautiful six bedroom colonial on an acre in Moorestown with a pool, new kitchen, circular drive and located very close to the middle school and high school. Email if you’re interested. I can sell direct}, volunteering at the local nursing home, looking for colleges for my daughter, working over 40 hours a week now and taking a class at Penn. PHEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) but I hope to jump back into writing. Considering something a little longer. Could there be a novel here? I don’t know if I have that long of an attention span, but time will tell. Thanks for checking in and special thanks to the anonymous person who emailed me as Winston Churchill and encouraged me to stick with it. I will!

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