Be Kind To Yourself

I just received a box from Overpriced shoes, overpriced dress and reasonably priced cross-body purse (CLEARANCE). Because I overpaid and Sundance likes to think of itself as above Amazon I was offered a free gift card. I always jump on the free gift card, even though I’m ordering items for myself. I consider the purchases a gift to myself since the expense is unnecessary and will require a dip into savings to pay.

I order a gift card that says, “You will look spectacular in this,” or “Wow, you deserve this!” It always ends with “I love you,” By the time the package arrives I’ve forgotten what I ordered, much less what the notecard inside is going to say. I open the box with great excitement and am absolutely blissful when I open the nice envelope with a supportive message.

It costs nothing to do but means a lot.

Be good to yourself. The world is hard. Be soft on yourself whenever possible.