TO DO – Monday January 29

Wegman’s – detox soup ingredients, water bottles, Crusciki (sp?)

COSTCO – return TurboTax CDs, get gas, talk to pharmacist about brand Rxs


laundry with Zum clothes detergent

give Jimmy and Petey a bath – “puppy tears no more!”

Visit Miriam (calendar)

NJ DL ???????

Don’t forget PSE&G person coming to replace meter between 4 and midnight (midnight?????)


TO DO Saturday, January 27, 2018

Target – Rx and dish soap

Jimmy & Pete – give flea/tick Rx pill

visit neighbor – give her calendar from St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital (if she wants)

COSTCO – talk to pharmacist about price for brand anti-depressant Rx

Call Comcast to fix phones

Don’t forget that PSE&G is coming on Monday – EMPTY SHED today!!!

Renew NJ DL in person

Pick Caroline up at SPeedline station

To Do List – Friday, January 26, 2018


Call Comcast to repair landline

NJ DL renewal in person (6 points)

Moore Brothers wine sale (10% off, only good through Monday)


PSE&G meter replacement Monday between 4 and midnight (midnight???????)

My To Do List (tomorrow – January 24, 2018)

Clean house

Kitty litter, beer at Wegman’s

BB&B – candle

NJ DL renewal – 6 points

trash to dump

Dinner for Katie and Susan

Play at McCarter Theatre

My To Do List

So, I’m going to post my daily and sometimes inter-daily “To Do” lists so that you can get to know me better/best.

Today (January 23, 2018)

See lawyer to get new Will, Healthcare Directive (Living Will), Durable Power of Attorney

Put box out for BBBSNJ donation

Get cat litter, coffee (decaf too) and beer at Wegman’s

Renew Life/Health Insurance license

Go to annual meeting of condo association

Call Comcast to repair phone service

Email Caroline about dog/cat-sitting

Text Lily about how you love her Christmas gift – shower gel, moisturizer and pumice-thing-a-ma-bob

Clean house

This I Believe – Part II

    1. Anger is hurt in boxing gloves
    2. #1 is the worst thing I’ve ever written, although I believe it’s true
    3. Sometimes a dream that you left your shirt at the dry cleaner too long means that you’re wasting your life where you are
    4. My ears are growing
    5. If I was starving I would steal something
    6. Decaffeinated coffee is depressed because it will never reach its full potential
    7. Sometimes average people are really diabolical
    8. People who work for ‘you’ but are on commission need your scrutiny
    9. Cats are playing chess while dogs are playing checkers
    10. is one of the greatest inventions of all time



This I Believe – Part I

  1. The Vienna Roast (rich and smooth), the Colombian Roast (bold and spicy) and the Regular Roast (mild and silky) coffee canisters at WaWa are all filled with the same thing: Generic Roast (gritty and meh)
  2. My dogs know when someone doesn’t like them and they don’t like someone back
  3. My nose is growing
  4. The world is becoming a kinder place
  5. Most people are mean because they are frightened
  6. Most people are afraid that they’re not good enough
  7. Sometimes a dream that you left your shirt at the dry cleaner for too long just means you left your shirt at the dry cleaner too long.
  8. Bow tie pasta is the most fun of all the pastas
  9. Oranges like to be in a bowl with lemons because lemons are their little cousins
  10. Easter eggs should never be metallic