If you read my “Works” you’ll know all about me. Much more than what I can tell you in a resume or biography.But, in a nod to conformity and formality, I’ll put some facts and figures here. It will show you my skeleton; the flesh and blood is in the writing.

Listen. . .I want to tell you a story

I was born in January 1958 in a blue-collar town named Riverside (NJ) to a family that was hell-bent on rising above its blue-collar roots. I grew up greatly influenced by my mother’s Italian heritage, tempered by my father’s Anglo/Slavic history. We were staunchly Roman Catholic and I attended parochial schools all the way through college, graduating from the all-woman, Catholic, Chestnut Hill College with a BA in English Literature. After my 1980 graduation, I fell into employ in the foreign, exciting and lucrative world of high finance. I was a bond trader for Girard Bank, Fidelity Bank, Delaware Investments and Thomson MacKinnon Securities in Philadelphia and New York City.

In 1987, I had my first child and left Wall Street for Main Street. I had a second child and this most amazing, but exhausting, career has continued since then. I added a job to the mix when my kids were in school, this time in the smaller world of personal financial planning. I have done this for the last 12 years and am, technically, a stockbroker.
My job pays my mortgage and provides health benefits. It’s a fine profession and I enjoy our clients and my co-workers.

But writing, or communicating in any form, is my bliss. I write for personal pleasure and for payment, whenever possible. I’m a freelancer for “The Philadelphia Inquirer,” “The Philadelphia Daily News,” “The Courier Post” and “New Jersey Lifestyle Magazine.” I’d love to say that I’ve written for “The New Yorker” or any other national magazine but I haven’t. Not for lack of trying, mind you. My “New Yorker” rejection notes are one of my most treasured possessions.

Vision statement.

It is my hope, my vision, to become a columnist, nationally syndicated. Well known, well regarded and well paid. A book is in my sights, too, but only in peripheral vision, for now. In this position, I will fulfill my personal mission. My personal mission statement? “To connect, above and below.”

I am also open to a new or different vision that allows me to fulfill my personal mission. If you have any ideas, I’m listening.

That brings me to the mission of this site: to publicize my work and to carry me to the fulfillment of the bigger plan.

So please read, please hear, please think. Let me connect to you.