Is This Bad?

I just added vodka to a ginger-lemon Kombucha drink and tossed in some liquid supplement for joint health. Is this bad?

I told a young guy working at my gym that the elliptical machines weren’t working right and I was dissatisfied. My exact words were, “I don’t pay $78 a month to have shit not work right.” Is this bad?

I lied to my doctor about quitting smoking. This is bad, right?

I took a broken piece of a Boxwood bush in the Target parking lot to make a wreath for my door. Is this bad?

I told my kids that it was illegal to get a dog in the state of NJ until your children were both over six years old, when they were 5 and 3. Was this bad?

I also told the children that the state of Connecticut was closed on Tuesdays when they asked if we could drive to Connecticut on a Tuesday. Was this bad?

I asked a friend to return the DSW Shoes coupon I gave her a week ago because I realized I needed new sneakers. She looked at me like that was bad. Was it?

I wore a jacket covered with pet hair to the gym. Is this bad?

I returned a gold necklace given to me by a an ex-boyfriend because it said, in Gaelic, “pulse of my heart” and I was no longer the pulse of his heart. I told him that the jeweler would give him cash for the gold. Was this bad? Maybe just stupid? But not bad?

I didn’t answer an Amazon customer’s question about something I’d bought on the site even though I knew the answer. Is this bad?

I let my daughter’s cat run out the front door in hopes that he wouldn’t come back (qualifier – she left me with the cat and the cat had almost blinded my new dog with a swipe, in addition to peeing all over my suede boot collection). Is this bad?

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