Weird Things I Like To Do

When I go to Home Depot I like to grab those paint sample cards, the long ones with the Home Depot brand of paint, Behr. I use them for my “To Do” list and my Target list. It’s so nice to see “wash the dogs’ butts” on Whitened Sage. Or  “Dr. Scholl’s Plantar Wart Pads”   on Violetta.

I like to save my needleless tabletop Christmas tree and put it outside in the garden with the big lint blobs that come from my dryer vent after washing towels and rugs. I think that birds will like the nice dryer lint for making nests in the spring. They never do take the lint but I feel happy when I look out at a bleak winter landscape with my little tree beckoning wildlife to stop by.

I like to sweep up the needles from the aforementioned tree and put them in the drawstring bag that comes with new flannel sheets to make an evergreen-scented pillow pal.

I like to wear athletic socks in the shower so I can come out and clean my hardwood floors with my feet while dancing to Bruce Springsteen on the iPad.  No, I’m not naked when I do it. I’m wearing a robe and a turban for my wet hair. I catch a glimpse of myself in the full length mirror sometimes and I’m appalled. But, I keep going until Bruce stops strumming.

I like to get a 24 oz. coffee at WaWa and fill half the cup with a flavored creamer so that I can stretch the coffee out over days by putting some in my dull 1/2 caff coffee from the Mr. Coffee machine. Saves on creamer too.

I like to sweep my floors rather than vacuum them because it gives me a sense of accomplishment to see all the dust, cat hair, dog hair, pieces of errant styrofoam, deceased Stink Bugs, and some unidentifiable crap in my dust pan. The big thrill is when I dump the whole mess in the trash can. A vacuum cleaner is a lot easier but doing it by hand is more satisfying.

I like to iron in complete quiet so I can kind of meditate while doing it. I also like the smell of spray starch on cotton when the iron hits the fabric. You don’t notice that if the radio or TV are on.

I like to look at almost anything I’m about to throw away (except the deceased Stink Bugs) to see if I could use it to make something/anything out of it in the future. A lot of the things I saved – like those plastic sticks that come in a flower arrangement to hold the card – have come in handy. I think of it as recycling. My kids think of it as a mental illness.





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