Why Are People So Dumb? Why Can’t They Be Smart Like Me?

I know that I should be open-minded and consider other people’s views and opinions. But I just don’t wan to sometimes. Sometimes I think that I’m smarter than some other people and this is probably true. I’m sure that I’m not as smart as other people too. Those are people I’m interested in hearing from, in any way. I want to hear from smart people, I want to ask smart people questions and I want smart people to speak up. I’m not saying that there aren’t smart people. But, let’s be realistic, there are a lot of dumb people in America too. They get news from Facebook, believe everything Wikipedia says and think that a military gun will protect them if “THEY” come for them. They think Taylor Swift is deep and poetic. They think that people educated by good school, i.e. Ivy League colleges, are dumb. They think that capitalizing a word gives it more Importance. They think the people at MSNBC and Fox News are impartial and most concerned with being good journalists who disseminate the truth. They think that North Korea is really going to de-nuclearize. They think that the United States military leaders are interested in making people in other countries, with different governments, free and happy. They think that Amazon.com is a horrible entity that is putting Toys R Us out of business. They think that coal mining is a great occupation and should be saved. They don’t believe in Global Warming, man-made or otherwise. They think that ‘light’ cigarettes won’t kill them just as fast as regular cigarettes. They think that Google and Facebook provide their services for free. They don’t believe the saying “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.” They think that people who cry in public, or are otherwise vulnerable, are weak. They think that people die and go to Heaven to play golf, sunbathe, pet puppies or do whatever it is that they did when they were alive that brought them pleasure. They think Vin Diesel is a good actor. Ditto on Mary Kate and Ashley Olson.

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