Radical Discoveries While Spring Cleaning

I pulled everything off my bookshelves to dust and found a CD called “Radical Self-Acceptance” by Tara Brach, a Buddhist writer and, apparently, speaker.
I remember getting the CD when I was in the pit of clinical depression (not the first time I’ve visited that pit). I listened to it while sitting on my patio in the sun. I think it was okay but it didn’t lift me out of the message that depression send, i.e. you are worthless. I guess I should listen to it again since I’m above ground these days. But, I feel self-accepting in a way that is truly radical. Or maybe it’s just being 60 and not so radical. It seems radical because I can remember clearly being 14, 24, 34 and even 44 and those were decades of doubt, insecurity and self-flagellation. Far from acceptance. Am I at 100% self-acceptance now? No. But it’s a lifelong pursuit, methinks. And I’ve definitely tipped over the 60% line, maybe more. This is good. This is freedom.

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