AI is Smarter Than I Am

I wrote a blog post about how I send myself gift messages when I order things online.

It wasn’t a very good post but I hit ‘publish’ anyway because I’m not selling anything so what do I care? Right?

But, it didn’t appear in “Posts” on my dashboard and I couldn’t find it anywhere. Why? Because AI said, “This is a waste of space.” And, you know what, AI, you’re right. It was dumb.

Besides, I’m going to sneak it in here.

If you order from a website that offers a free gift card, take it! Send yourself a positive, supportive message in that card. Say “You are going to look great in this,” or “You sooooo deserve this, Girlfriend.” You’ll probably be surprised to open your package and find a note. The note will make you feel good. You’ll forget that you are the one who composed the note. You’ll smile.

The world is a tough place. People won’t often shout compliments at you. So, take the chance to get a compliment. Write it, read it, believe it.

Be fond of yourself. And be happy.

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