The Donald and Madonna

No, this isn’t a story of a torrid affair between two marketing geniuses with questionable decency and unquestionable swagger. Nor is it a story about of a man with no empathy, no compassion and no ethics and a Biblical hero of dignity, humility and grace.

This is about my theory: Donald J. Trump is the Madonna Louise Ciccone of politics.

I have said this to a few people who instantly understand my analogy but I’m going to elaborate on my thesis-supporting ‘facts’ and also point out a few differences between these two

Donald and Madonna are both immodest.  Donny is boastful and shameless. Madge is subtler in her pompousness but she is definitely shameless.  They are both  pretentious. And, to hearken way, way back to my school playground days, they are both conceited.

Mr. Trump and Ms. Ciccone are both licentious. lewd, and lascivious.

They are both setting a bad example for their children.

They both love being outrageous and making waves. It’s part of their marketing strategy.

They both have some crazy hair.

But they differ in three important ways:

Madonna has sold-out shows and people are paying to be there

Madonna is qualified for her job

Madonna has bigger hands



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