More Random Shit

I was working on a personalized snow globe for my veterinarian. I was using SuperGlue to attach some buttons that looked like different dog breeds to the base of my mini-sculpture of the vet, the tech and my two dogs (the patients). The SuperGlue was liquid and I made the mistake of touching it ever so slightly.

Bam. Two fingers Superglued to the base. I could still make the Vulcan peace sign but that was the only redeeming thing about this. It was my left hand and I’m right-handed so I managed to free myself wth some paint thinner. Paint thinner really smells bad but it doesn’t destroy human tissue. Thank God for small favors.

Once my left hand was free and mobile I used steel wool to scratch off the glue. I wasn’t 100% successful but it was good enough. I looked at my hand and wondered whether I could become a jewel thief because I had no discernible fingerprints. I dismissed the idea after about 5 minutes. I had laundry to do and becoming a jewel thief was too time consuming.

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