The Story of Jimmy and Pete – Chapter 2

The pretty Dachshund and her handsome beau, the Chihuahua, found the nice man who put out food for stray dogs and cats. They ate the good food the man put out for them. They were very happy.

The Dachshund and the Chihuahua decided to get married and start a family. They asked the nice man who put out the food if he could marry them. He had recently been ordained by the “Universalist Church of Dogs, Cats and Squirrels” so he happily said, “Why, yes, little Doxy-girl and Chi-fellow, I’d be happy to marry you!”

After the ceremony all the stray dogs and cats the kind man/Minister had helped celebrated with a big party. The man brought music CDs from Three Dog Night, Snoop Dog and The Pussycat Girls. Everyone danced. They even did the Electric Slide (an old Boxer taught them all the steps in the line dance that was so popular in the 1980s). They didn’t do the Chicken Dance that so many humans do at their weddings because they were sensitive to the offense this caused real chickens. “What the hell????,” the chickens used to say. “We don’t dance like that. We are really good dancers. These losers don’t know anything.” ┬áChickens are very sensitive about their self-image.





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