The Story of Jimmy and Pet – Chapter 1

Once upon a time there was a pretty little Dachshund. Yeah, her eyes were kind of small and beady because Dachshunds have beady little eyes. But they were flecked with gold and she had long, dark eyelashes that curled up to her forehead. She didn’t have eyebrows because dogs don’t have eyebrows. But her ears were silky and framed her face like an angel’s hair. Her legs were short but very well-shaped. She was like the Betty Grable of Dachshunds. If you don’t know who Betty Grable is just Google her photos. Trust me, she had great legs.
The beautiful Dachshund with great legs was meeting lots of cute boy Dachshunds and many of them wanted to marry her. She thought they were nice but her tiny heart never fluttered the way the other girl dogs talked about. Until one day. . .
A tall, handsome blonde put his cold little nose through the hole in the fencing that separated the different dog breeds. He’d stick his nose through the fence and whimper until the pretty Dachshund looked at him. Then he’d lie on the ground and roll over and over and over until she smiled.
The darling Doxy and cool Chihuahua continued to flit and flirt until, one day, they realized that they were falling in love. And Doxy knew this wasn’t going to go over well with her family. They were German and weren’t keen on any canine that wasn’t like them. And Chi knew that his family wasn’t going to be thrilled either. But, like Romeo and Juliet, they knew that they had to be together. So they made a plan to dig out of their respective cages a little bit at a time, like that guy in Shawshank Redemption (yes, everyone, including dogs, has seen Shawshank Redemption) and elope.
Once they escaped from their pens the Doxy and Chi met at the big Weeping Willow tree they could see from the farm. There was not time for chatting since the farm owners would be putting breakfast out soon and would surely miss the pair. They ran until they found a little creek where they could get a cool drink. At the creek they met an unusually friendly squirrel. The squirrel directed them to the local dump, where a soft-hearted municipal worker put out cans of cat and dog food for the many strays in the area.

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