This I Believe – Part I

  1. The Vienna Roast (rich and smooth), the Colombian Roast (bold and spicy) and the Regular Roast (mild and silky) coffee canisters at WaWa are all filled with the same thing: Generic Roast (gritty and meh)
  2. My dogs know when someone doesn’t like them and they don’t like someone back
  3. My nose is growing
  4. The world is becoming a kinder place
  5. Most people are mean because they are frightened
  6. Most people are afraid that they’re not good enough
  7. Sometimes a dream that you left your shirt at the dry cleaner for too long just means you left your shirt at the dry cleaner too long.
  8. Bow tie pasta is the most fun of all the pastas
  9. Oranges like to be in a bowl with lemons because lemons are their little cousins
  10. Easter eggs should never be metallic

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